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    Minecraft Modifications or otherwise known as "mods" is a fun aspect of the game itself, it adds new things and content to the game. Some of the modifications can change the game-play and sometimes gives unfair advantages to others. Below is a guide that explains what modifications are allowed and what is not allowed on CrescentMC.

    Allowed Modifications:

    Any modification that is purely cosmetic is allowed. This includes:
    * Map Mods (Entities not allowed in some sub-servers).
    * Gamma/brightness optimization.
    * HUD Modifications.
    * Shaders.
    * Animation-related Modifications.
    * Replay Modification.
    * Schematica (PRINTER NOT ALLOWED!)

    Any modification that is only made to boost Frames Per Second (FPS). This includes:
    * Optifine.

    Disallowed Modifications:
    Any modification that is made to change the game-play is not allowed. This includes:
    * "Hacking" Modifications like KillAura, Flying, Anti-Knockback, etc.
    * Auto-Clicker.

    Any other categories are disallowed!

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