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    This is a thread explaining CrescentMC Network Rules.


    Advertising in any way such as Private Messaging (PM), Posting on the server, excessive spamming of the server’s name, etc, are all prohibited and will result in punishments.

    DDoS Threats/Actions are taken very seriously and shall be banned right away!

    Nicknames/Profile Pictures:
    Inappropriate nicknames/names/profile pictures are not allowed and will result in a temporary mute until the name is changed.

    Hate Speech/Racism/Anti-Semitism/Homophobia/etc:
    Not allowed and will result in a 1-day mute. This also includes subcultures. If repeated, it will extend to a 3-day mute. If repeated again, it will extend permanently.

    Not allowed: Verbal warnings will take place. If repeated, punishments will occur.

    Sexual Speech:
    Not permitted anywhere on the server and shall be muted temporarily if used excessively.

    Not allowed. If it takes place, verbal warnings will occur before any punishments happen.

    Impersonating such as nicknames, names, etc. Will be muted until the nickname/name is changed.

    Pictures in #general are allowed if it’s a singular picture. Any more than 3 pictures are not allowed in #general, please refer to #images or #memes.

    Threats to share any private information is not allowed. Actually sharing private information is strictly prohibited!

    Each sub-server has its own rules but the general applies to the entire network.

    Hacking of any kind is prohibited and will result in a 1-week ban.

    DDoSing/Staff Hacking:
    DDoSing/Staff hacking is strictly not allowed and will be taken very seriously and will be IP-Banned permanently!

    DDoS Threats/Account Hacking/Stolen accounts:
    DDoS Threats/Account Hacking/Stolen accounts are also taken very seriously, they will be banned temporarily for a week.

    Advertising will be banned permanently. This does not include mentioning of server names but includes mentioning a server IP or a server’s website.

    Spamming 5+ times will result in a 30-minute mute. Racism/Hate Speech/Homophobia/etc will result in a 1-day mute. Bots spam/Links to porn/shock are taken very seriously, that will result in an IP-mute for 30-days.

    Auto-Fishing/AFK Pools:
    Auto-Fishers and AFK Pools are not allowed.

    Bug/Glitch Abusing:
    Abusing of bugs/glitches are taken as a security threat and will be banned for 1 week.

    Ban/Mute Evasions:
    Ban/Mute Evasion are very heavy, this will extend any bans already taken place.

    /Helpop or /Report Spamming:
    Spamming in /helpop or /report are taken as a Soft Chat Offense.

    Accusing of hacking are taken as a Soft Chat Offense.

    Griefing in any form is not allowed.


    Teleport-killing is not allowed and will be punished with 2-day ban.

    Party Power-Boosting is not allowed and will result in the kick of the secondary account as well as a ban to it for a month.

    Inappropriate Builds:
    Inappropriate builds made to insult/offend people is prohibited and will be treated with a removal of the set build as well as 1-hour ban.


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